Tributo/Gustavo Trochez

This limited edition blend was farmed by Gustavo Trochez and crafted to perfection by master grader and taster Gustavo Valderrama.
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Tributo/Ramiro Moreno

A collaborative effort between grower, Ramiro Moreno, who cultivated the rare pink bourbon beans on his land and, Gustavo Valderrama, who achieved the esteemed score of 87 with this limited edition roast.
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Tributo/Antonio Orozco

This Tabi varietal was carefully grown by Antonio Orozco and will delight all of your senses, achieving an SCA score of 86 by Valderrama.
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Specialty coffees include any coffee rated 80 or above by a qualified taster on the SCA scale. In addition to taste, there is strong attention to the origin and cultivation of the bean, including environmental and ethically sound practices.