Gustavo Valderrama

Coffee Taster | Grader | Award Winner

About the Expert

Gustavo Valderrama Tascon is an internationally renowned coffee taster, holding the distinct achievement of Q Grader. Gustavo is endorsed by the International Association SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), CQI (Coffee Quality Institute), the Professional Roaster SCA, as well as the Barista SCA Professional. Additionally, he is honored to be the only AST (Authorized SCA Trainer) in the region of Colombia where he resides. Over the last decade, Gustavo has dedicated himself to exploring the valuable sensory offerings Colombian coffee offers. His primary focus is on harnessing the cultivation and roasting process for the achievement of exotic flavors and aromas for the national and international markets alike. He has participated in key international events and shared cupping panels in Japan, South Korea, Spain, Canada, the United States and throughout Central America.



Café Emilia

Deemed winner of two gold medals in the Superior Taste Award in Brussels and First place as washed coffee among 25 countries during the fair SIAL in Toronto, Canada.

2013 - Present

Café Dictador XO | Café Dictador Magno

Recognizable brands developed by Gustavo have reached more than 50 countries and compiled reviews from esteemed experts in the field

2014 - Present

Café Oscura Pasión

Developed as an accessible high quality consumer coffee, meaning it is available to the public in major Colombian grocery stores at a reasonable price; however, it does not lack the aroma and taste descriptors essential to a high end coffee.

2014 - Present


New concept coupling great coffee with the most innovative preparation developed in Colombia – a single-dose drip bag, enabling consumers to take upmarket coffee camping or anywhere without the need for a machine.

2015 - Present

Café Dictador Esencia

Developed as a complement of its predecessors, Café Dictador XO and Café Dictador Magno, for purposes of export to a prominent Polish company.

2016 - Present

Café el Caminante

Developed with the aim of satisfying a need for low price formats.

2017 - Present

Café Jeepao | Subscription 5Sento

Gustavo developed Café Jeepao for the United States market and the same year 5 Sento was offered on a subscription basis, offering the best beans in the world monthly to its subscribers.
2018 - Present

Exotic, XOL, Cacique Organic

Developed the Exotic brand with varietals selected for the United States market and the XOL brand for the same market. In the same year, the Cacique Organic Coffee was developed for the English market.

2019 - Present

Consumer Cuppings

Gustavo kicked off a series of tasting sessions, referred to as cuppings, to bring his knowledge and passion for coffee to appreciative consumers who desire a comprehensive lesson.



Universidad Javierna de Cali​


SCA Certified Barista 100%
SCA Certified Introduction to Coffee 100%
SCA Certified Roasting 100%
SCA Certified Sensory Skills 100%
Quality Coffee Association Q Grader 4,1 100%


commercial BRANDS

Gustavo is launching a United States tour to provide cupping sessions to American coffee enthusiasts, enabling them to identify notes, and discern between cultivators and origins.

Cupping sessions are ideal for groups of 15-25 and last 2.5 hours. Schedule a cupping for your next corporate retreat or private function.