Gustavo Trochez


Fragrance and scent: medium-high intensity with hints of nuts, chocolate, peanuts, and malt; aromatics with medium-high intensity, hints of chocolate, caramel, malt, nuts, and brown sugar
Acidity: medium
Flavor: sweet with hints of nuts, almonds, and chocolate
Body: medium and silky
Aftertaste: medium-high, pronounced and pleasant


Content includes one 8.8 Oz. bag. Select from whole beans or coffee grounds.

5 Sento Tributo Collection from the Farm of Gustavo Trochez

The Tributo line pays credit to the farmer who carefully harvested the beans. This edition came from the mountainside farm of Gustavo Trochez of Cruchero, Caldeno Cauco.  The blend has been perfected by Gustavo Valderrama, receiving a SCA score of 84.

Select Bag

Ground, Whole Bean

Fragrance and Scent

Medium-High Intensity, Hints of Nuts, Chocolate, Peanuts, Malt, Caramel Brown sugar




Sweet, Hints of Nuts, Almonds, Chocolate


Medium, Silky


Medium-High, Pronounced, Pleasant

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