Antonio Orozco


Fragrance and scent: high intensity with hints of red fruits, raspberry, chocolate, and brown sugar; aromatics with medium-high intensity, hints of almonds and berries.
Acidity: medium and juicy (malic)
Flavor: sweet and fruity with hints of caramel, yellow fruits, pineapple and honey

Body: light
Aftertaste: smooth and pronounced


Content includes one 8.8 Oz. bag. Select from whole beans or coffee grounds.

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5 Sento Tributo Collection from the Farm of Antonio Orozco

This varietal, known as Tabi, was cultivated on the farm tended to by Antonio Orozco. Gustavo Valderrama worked closely with Orozco to ensure prime harvest conditions in order to roast this batch of Tabi into aromatic, sensory-awakening cups, scoring an applause-worthy SCA-86.

Select Bag

Ground, Whole Bean

Fragrance and Scent

High Intensity, Hints of Jasmine, Nuts, Caramel, Honey, Subtle Raspberry, Almonds, Malt, Mild strawberry


Medium-High, Mouth-Watering Sensation


Sweet and Fruity, Hints of Caramel, Jasmine, Green Grapes


Velvety, Medium-High


Pronounced, Pleasant

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