Ramiro Moreno


Fragrance and scent: high intensity with hints of jasmine, nuts, caramel, honey and subtle raspberry; aromatics of high intensity with hints of caramel, almonds, malt, jasmine and mild strawberry
Acidity: medium-high ; producing a mouth-watering sensation
Flavor: sweet and fruity, with hints of caramel, jasmine and green grapes

Body: velvety, medium-high
Aftertaste: pronounced and pleasant


Content includes one 8.8 Oz. bag. Select from whole beans or coffee grounds.

5 Sento Tributo Collection from the Farm of Ramiro Moreno

These rare pink bourbon beans were carefully harvested on the lands of farmer, Ramiro Moreno. Gustavo Valderrama roasted the beans to perfection, receiving an esteemed SCA score of 87.

Select Bag

Ground, Whole Bean

Fragrance and Scent

High Intensity, Hints of Jasmine, Nuts, Caramel, Honey, Subtle Raspberry, Almonds, Malt, Mild strawberry


Medium-High, Mouth-Watering Sensation


Sweet and Fruity, Hints of Caramel, Jasmine, Green Grapes


Velvety, Medium-High


Pronounced, Pleasant

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